Special Services

Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) offers a number of services to help students find success in the academic and technical components of their program of study. Below are some resources to provide information about special services offered at Coastal Pines Technical College.


Counseling is a growth process through which students are helped to define goals, make decisions, and solve problems related to personal, social, educational, or career concerns. Counseling services are extended to any student at no cost who is interested in personal growth. Coastal Pines Technical College's primary emphasis is on short-term personal development counseling to better equip you/the student to deal with personal, social, academic, and educational concerns. Students seek counseling because they experience some type of discomfort or dissatisfaction in their lives. Some of the areas counseling can address are:

  • Personal concerns—issues such as self-esteem, identity, family, artistic, dealing with emotions, sexual identity, problem-solving, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Relationship concerns—roommates, significant others, family, marriage, sexual intimacy, & communication skills.
  • Career/Professional concerns— career choices, life-planning goals, performance, building self-confidence, etc.
  • Academic concerns—improving test skills and relieving test anxiety, improving and enhancing study skills.
  • Health-related concerns—eating and weight control, developing good mental and physical habits, substance abuse, the healing arts, stress reduction, test anxiety.

Student Retention

The Student Navigator Services is a student-centered office that exists to provide students with the necessary programs and services which will assist them in the completion of their educational objectives. Additionally, the office will provide information for faculty that will assist them in remaining up-to-date on current trends in the area of student retention.

Special Services for Students with Disabilities

Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) offers a number of services to help students challenged by disabilities find success in the academic and technical components of their program of study.

Student Success Center

It is the goal of the Student Success Center to work collaboratively with the campus community to promote student persistence and successful completion of the student's educational goals.

Career Services and Placement

Career services is your passport to your future. We assist all students from their first year through graduation, and then as alumni! The Career Services Office of Coastal Pines Technical college adopts the belief that students, administrators, staff, faculty, and advisory committee members share the responsibility of job placement and development. Proper recruitment, quality instruction, good community relations, and an effective institutional communications network are essential to the overall success of the program evaluation, placement, and follow-up service.

Student Activities/ Organizations

Students are encouraged throughout their course of study at Coastal Pines Technical College to participate in student activities and student organizations. It is our belief that students who participate in organizations, activities, and programs outside of the classroom learn by doing and build essential leadership and life skills in the process.

College Library Services

Coastal Pines has libraries at the Alma, Jesup, Golden Isles, and Waycross instructional sites, and learning resource centers in Hazlehurst and Baxley. Please visit the Library Services web page for hours and more information.