Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation offers various types of scholarships for students attending Coastal Pines Technical College. Scholarships can be awarded for tuition, books/supplies, and program related expenses. The CPTC Foundation Scholarship Committee makes the final decision of the awards to the students based on the criteria of the scholarships. The CPTC Foundation application opens up a few weeks before the beginning of each semester. Students will be notified via student email, website or social media of the application availability. Registered students will be able to apply HERE.

Adult Education

Ms. Isabel Delk | This scholarship was founded in 2015 in honor of a wonderful woman who overcame many obstacles over the years to support her family as a single parent. A GED test candidate is eligible to apply for a Ms. Isabel Delk GED Test Scholarship to fund up to four parts of the test if she meets the following criteria: be a single, widowed, or divorced mother with dependent children in the home; attempt the GED practice test and score a minimum of 145 on the subtest in the area to be funded; have no other financial assistance for GED testing.

Graduating High School Students

CPTC Foundation High School Scholarship | Given to graduating seniors from each high school in our service delivery area.

Kiley Marissa Music Scholarship | Given to graduates of Bacon County High School.

James and Nanelle Bacon Scholarship | Given to graduates of Wayne County High School.

(High School students can apply through their High School Guidance Counselor Office for these scholarships. Decisions are made and announced before the end of the High School year)

All Other Scholarships

Students must be accepted and registered at Coastal Pines Technical College to be eligible to apply for all other scholarships. In order to be considered for PELL/HOPE funding, as well as CPTC scholarship awards, students must also complete a FAFSA application. The FAFSA application can be found here.

Many scholarships have eligibility requirements which may require:

  1. a minimum G.P.A.
  2. enrollment in certain programs
  3. residency in certain geographic areas
  4. various other eligibility requirements

Registered sudents must apply for scholarships here.

All scholarships are awarded based on the individual scholarship requirements but, as funding permits. In the event of a tie, the CPTC Foundation Scholarship Committee will use G.P.A. as the main qualifier to determine which student will be awarded the scholarship.

Albert and Esther Thomson Scholarship |The Albert and Esther Thomson Scholarship Trust was established in the early 2000s by Esther Thomson to assist students in technical education. The late Mrs. Dale James was entrusted with the Scholarship Trust after the passing of her Aunt, Mrs. Thomson. Over the years, Mrs. Dales James assisted in awarding of thousands of scholarships dollars to students in the pursuit of higher education. Mr. Don James (Husband of the late Mrs. James) is the current Trustee of the Albert and Esther Thomson Scholarship Trust. In honoring his late wife's legacy of service to the education field, Mr. James donated a scholarship endowment to the CPTC Foundation to award qualified students. Students from any program/campus can qualify for scholarship as long as their GPA is minimum of 2.5 GPA. CPTC Foundation Scholarship Committee has final decision.

Ashley Taylor Scholarship | Established in memory of Ashley Taylor, the son of former ATC instructor Kenny Taylor, and given to Machine Tool Technology students at the Jesup campus.

Bagwell Family Scholarship | The Bagwell Family Scholarship Fund was established in 2006 by Tommy and Chantel Bagwell to provide scholarships for students attending technical colleges located near their family business locations. The family business, American Proteins, Inc., has four divisions and three rendering plant locations. One unique aspect of this scholarship is that over the course of their lifetime, Bagwell Scholarship recipients pledge to give back to CPTC an amount equal to what they receive.

Be Like Blue Memorial Scholarship | The "Be like Blue" Scholarship was established with funds raised to memorialize the life of Bobby Blue Smith. Blue was a Ware County Firefighter who tragically passed away while protecting our community in June 2023. The memorial scholarship honors his dedication and commitment to service. To qualify, the student should have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and be a resident of Ware or Pierce County; submit an essay and be screened/interviewed by the scholarship committee. The scholarship is for $500.00 to be used for tuition/books/fees and other program costs.

Brooksie A. Pike Scholarship | Awarded to a cosmetology student entering their final term who has excelled in the program. The scholarship was established in memory of Brooksie A. Pike by her family to honor her 40-year career in cosmetology.

Cindy Tanner Memorial Scholarship | Cindy Tanner served for 25 years as the former Vice President of Institutional Advancement for Coastal Pines Technical College. Tanner served tirelessly in her role over the Foundation, starting many fundraisers and events, all in the name of raising money for technical education students. She not only believed in technical education and the benefits of it, but understood the deep impact technical colleges have on the communities they serve. “Cindy was a true giver. She loved her family, friends, and students that she dealt with through the Foundation. She didn’t believe you should ask people to give monetarily to the Foundation unless she was willing to as well. In true Cindy fashion, she purchased a life insurance policy and named the Foundation as the beneficiary to make sure she continued to provide for the support of technical education students. The family appreciates everyone who has participated through donations to honor Cindy’s wishes. We all wish that we were honoring her wishes much further in the future, but God needed another smiling angel”, stated Cindy’s husband, Tony Tanner. After Cindy Tanner passed away unexpectedly on February 16, 2020, her family, coworkers and friends set up an Endowment with the Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation; the very Foundation that she ran and grew for many years. Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to qualify for scholarship and can be enrolled in any credited program at the College.

Dr. Paul Scott Presidential Scholarship | The ATC Foundation, faculty, staff and friends started this fund in honor of Dr. Paul Scott when he retired in 2006 as the President of the College. This scholarship is based on academic achievement. Residents of Jeff Davis, Appling, Wayne and Long County are eligible for this scholarship.

Charles Eames Travel Fund Scholarship | In late 2013, Mr. Charles Eames established the first two Charles Eames Travel Funds, one with the James M. Dye Foundation at South Georgia State College (SGSC), and the other with the Okefenokee Technical College (OTC) Foundation. The purpose of the funds was the same as now, to assist students with the everyday cost of traveling to campus for classes and clinical rotations.

Charles Eames Scholarship | Charles B. Eames, Jr. former Director of the Okefenokee Regional Library System (ORLS), established the Charles Eames Scholarship Fund which benefits CPTC students through needs based scholarships and academic awards. Students must have a 2.5 GPA and must demonstrate a need if they can not qualify through academic merit.

Diesel Equipment Scholarship | Diesel Equipment Scholarship is restricted to students enrolled in the Diesel Equipment Program and related programs including CDL. Students must also have at least a GPA of 2.5.

Electrical Lineworker Scholarship | Electrical Lineworker Scholarship is awarded to students only in the Electrical Lineworker Program. To qualify, students must be recommended by their Instructor and have an acceptable passing grade. Electrical Lineworker Scholarship helps students with tuition, fees, books and other supplies.

Gene Haas Foundation Scholarship | The Gene Haas Foundation awarded CPTC Foundation to helps the GHF goal to build skills in the machining industry by providing scholarship for CNC Machine technology students and NIMS credentials. To qualify, student must be enrolled in either a Machine tool, Precision Machine and Manufacturing or Engineering Program; must have a minimum 3.2 GPA. Scholarship can be used for NIMS credentialing, tuition, books and or supplies.

General Scholarship | Academic scholarship set up to assist students in all programs. Students must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA to qualify.

Georgia Commercial Fishing Sustainability and Resilience Scholarship | Students enrolled in the Basic Commercial Fisherman Program can qualify for this scholarship. Monies donated by the Coastal Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources will assist students with the cost of tuition, equipment (boots, gloves, life jackets, foul weather gear, etc.), CPR First Aid Training, and Commercial Fishing Licenses.

Golden Isles ACT Scholarship: Funds from this scholarship will be used to support students who have a minimum 2.00 G.P.A.; Proven financial need for assistance; and a Glynn county resident. Preference will be given to female students who go into Healthcare fields and students who have graduated from the Adult Education program and obtained their High School Equivalency from Coastal Pines Technical College. Funds will be used to support students with tuition, fees, supplies (such as scrubs, etc.), testing fees for competition of program and other program related expenses. Award amounts will vary by student and program costs.

Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation Scholarship| The Harley Langdale Jr. Foundation out of Valdosta, Georgia is long time support of the Timber Harvesting Program at Coastal Pines Technical College. The Langdale Company, under Harley Langdale Jr’s leadership, grew from a small turpentine and land holding company into a fully integrated diversified forest products company. The mission of the Harley Langdale, Jr. Foundation is to provide support for education, health, research, and service to Valdosta, surrounding communities and Georgia or other areas deemed appropriate that will empower organizations, individuals, and families to improve their quality of life and improve the health of our forests. “People & Trees is more than a motto-it is the very foundation of who we are” – Harley Langdale, Jr. Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to qualify for scholarship and can be enrolled in Forestry related program.

Henry (Hank) J. Martin Scholarship | This scholarship fund was established in memory of former ATC employee Dr. Hank Martin. Scholarships are available for students living in Wayne County and are based on academic achievement and financial need

Hope 1312 Collective Scholarship | Glynn County, Camden and McIntosh residents are encouraged to apply for this scholarship established by the Hope 1312 Collective. Applicants should have satisfactory academic performance. Applicants will be asked to briefly explain their interaction with the DFCS system in their application.

Jake (John K) Hendrix, Jr. Scholarship | This scholarship was established in memory of Jake Hendrix who was the owner and operator of Hendrix Hauling Company in Jesup. The scholarship is for an incoming high school graduate who has demonstrated academic excellence. Students must be enrolled in the Commercial Truck Driving or Industrial Systems program. This scholarship is for Wayne County residents.

James L. Harper Scholarship | Established in 2013 in memory of James L Harper by his family, this scholarship is for a business major. James Harper was an entrepreneur and believed in giving back to his community. He was one of the pioneers responsible for Altamaha Technical College being established in Wayne County. He was a founding member of the Wayne County Industrial Development Authority. This scholarship goes to a deserving student in Accounting, Business Administration or Marketing Management who has completed at least 15 hours with satisfactory academic achievement and a financial need. Funds may cover cost of books and/or tuition and fees. Must be a resident of Wayne County.

James Ogden Scholarship | This scholarship was given in memory of James Ogden by his wife, Faye Ogden. Mr. and Mrs. Ogden worked in education for many years. Mr. Ogden was the welding instructor at Brunswick College. Applicants must be a Glynn County resident in the Welding program with favorable grades and a financial need.

Joe Murray Scholarship | This scholarship was established by Miriam Murray in memory of her husband, Joe Murray. Joe Murray was a former retired educator and ATC board member. Miriam Murray serves on the CPTC Foundation. This scholarship assists students enrolled in nursing. Applicants should be from Long or Wayne County and must demonstrate a strong academic performance and financial need.

Joey Williamson Fund | The Joey Williamson Fund was established in loving memory of Joey Williamson by his wife Linda Rinehart Williamson. To qualify, CPTC student must have a financial need and have at least a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Jones Company Endowed Scholarship | The Jones Company Scholarship was established in April 2006 by Patrick Jones and Jimmy Jones to aid students with college-related expenses. Applications are taken annually. Employees of the Jones Company are given priority when all other factors are equal among applicants.

Maxine Higginson Scholarship | Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation Board has funded a scholarship to honor the life of Maxine McNeal Higginson. Maxine, a dedicated homemaker from Blackshear who loved Christ, her family, and others, passed away March 27, 2016, after a brief illness. Her legacy regarding the College and Foundation was her generosity toward and support for technical education as evidenced through the words and actions of her husband, Bill Higginson, one of the three charter members of the Coastal Pines Technical College Foundation, a college-affiliated organization established in 1990 as the Okefenokee Technical Institute Foundation.

Memorial Satilla Health Auxiliary Presidents Scholarship | Qualifying applicants for the Memorial Satilla Health Auxiliary President’s Scholarship are those who are enrolled in a healthcare program at CPTC and are in good academic standing. The scholarship fund for these awards was established in 2008 to recognize Rex Abbott, the resigning auxiliary president and a former College employee, and all former presidents of the auxiliary. It is the mission of the auxiliary to ensure future healthcare workers for this area.

MORE Scholarship | The MORE series volunteers raised funds to assist students with a need for their educational expenses here at Coastal Pines Technical College. Students must have accrued 12 semester hours, and have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, and be enrolled on the Wayne, Camden, Golden Isles or Waycross campus.

Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship | The Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship Scholarship is open to students who are enrolled or acceped in a diploma or degree program at Coastal Pines Technical College. Recipients are selected based on academic history, work ethics, and financial need. The intent of the scholarship, established by the 2005 Okefenokee Ministerial Fellowship, is to assist students who have encountered financial hardships which may result in an inability for students to complete their program of study.

Pat Knox Scholastic Achievement Award & Scholarship | The Pat Knox Scholastic Achievement Award is presented to a Surgical Technology student in his/her final term who has excelled in the program. The scholarship fund was established by friends and relatives to honor Pat Knox, a former Okefenokee Technical College Surgical Technology instructor.

Robert Knight Scholarship | The Robert Knight Scholarship was set up in loving memory of Robert Knight, a Business Instructor on the Baxley campus. Students who are enrolled in a Business program and are residents of either Jeff Davis or Bacon County can qualify.

Robert Stokes Scholarship | The Robert Stokes Scholarship was set up in memory of Robert Stokes who was in College pursuing certification in air conditioning in air conditioning prior to his failing health. His goal was to help elderly with their air conditioning needs. Minority students who are enrolled in the HVAC program in at least their second semester can qualify for this scholarship based on Instructor recommendation.

Rose Marcus Accounting Program Scholarship | The Rose Marcus Accounting Program scholarship was established to assist students in the Accounting Program. Wayne County students who are in at least their second semester of their Accounting program can qualify for up to $1000 per academic year ( 3 semesters). Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA to qualify for scholarship and maintain in order to receive all of funds.

Southern Nuclear Scholarship | The Southern Nuclear Scholarship was set up with funds donated from Southern Nuclear Company to assist students who are enrolled in a STEM program, have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and are residents of Appling or Jeff Davis Counties.

Terry Thomas Memorial Scholarship | Terry Thomas was born Sept. 12, 1922, in New Jersey. A visit in 1958 to the Cloister at Sea Island led to her decision to move to the Golden Isles and make it her home. She worked as activities director for the Sea Island Company, retiring in 1973. The Terry Thomas Foundation was established in 2004 and is located in Glynn County on Sea Island. Ms. Thomas passed away in 2011, but her Foundation continues to have a powerful impact on her community. In 2024, the Terry Thomas Memorial scholarship was created to assist students at Coastal Pines Technical College with costs associated with their tuition, books, and other programmatic fees in the program of study of their choice. Students from any program can qualify for scholarship as long as their GPA is minimum of 2.5 GPA and are a resident of Glynn County.

Toolbox Scholarship | These scholarships funds are raised throughout the year at events that support student scholarships. A toolbox scholarship can be awarded to assist with paying for tuition, books, fees, uniforms, program required supplies or tools for technical programs. Students with at least a 2.5 GPA and a demonstrated financial need may apply.