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OTC Officials Reveal Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) Logos at Waycross Campus Event

It was a perfect spring day as faculty, staff, board members, students, and guests gathered at the fountain in front of Okefenokee Technical College (OTC) to unveil the new logos for Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC).  On July 1, 2014, Okefenokee Technical College and Altamaha Technical College will be officially one college and begin using the CPTC name and signature marks.

Cindy Tanner, OTC Director of Public Relations and Information, welcomed everyone to the event and introduced Phillip Cook, Chair of the OTC Board of Directors. Mr. Cook is a native of Homerville and is currently in his third term of service on the Board.

 Mr. Cook began his remarks by saying, “The decisions that have been made regarding the merger, including the logos for the merged college, have been made with you, the students, in mind.”  He went on to say, “Consolidating the two colleges into one will create one of the largest two-year colleges in Georgia affording you more options and opportunities.” He noted that Coastal Pines will serve the 13 counties of Appling, Bacon, Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Clinch, Glynn, Jeff Davis, Long, McIntosh, Pierce, Ware, and Wayne, an area larger than the state of Delaware.

In closing, Mr. Cook said, “Okefenokee Tech has been serving this area since 1962, and we are proud of the leadership it has provided. And we are extremely proud that Dr. Glenn Deibert will be leading the charge as the first president of CPTC.”

Dr. Deibert then addressed the group about the logos. He said, “Determining a brand identify for Coastal Pines Technical College was challenging and exciting. We are grateful to the CPTC Logo and Mascot Committee and h20 creativegroup for their work during the two month process to create identify marks that represent a fresh spirit and standard of excellence.”

Then, with music, applause, and some cooperative wind gusts, Dr. Deibert announced the reveal of the new academic logo, and a banner dropped, assisted by student representative James Grobsmith. Dr. Deibert explained: “The CPTC academic logo is a two-color mark with a bold, Greek style building symbolizing the great halls of learning. Emanating from behind the building are ten rays of light symbolizing a coastal sunrise, the dawning of a new day, the light of knowledge, and the completion of a cycle.  The rays also symbolize the many paths students take after graduation and the options available to them.”

In describing the colors, Dr. Deibert said, “The first color in the mark, blue, represents the coastline and the ocean. Blue is often associated with stability and symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth. The second color, green, depicts the vast landscape of the thirteen CPTC counties. Green symbolizes life, nature, well-being, growth, learning, and harmony, all appropriate because of the farms, forests, rivers, and swamp land that define our habitat in Southeast Georgia.” “The green swirl in the top of the C represents movement, as in the waves of the ocean, and is indicative of the desire of CPTC to respond to the workforce needs of business and industry. And just as every wave is different, so is each business and each student.”

“Finally,” he said, the overall image represents the attributes that we envision for the merged college: quality, tradition, growth, success, and value.”

Next, the Spirit Logo was presented to be used on all t-shirts, hats, and other swag for the student population. Dr. Deibert explained, “The spirit logo is also a two color mark with the coastal blue and inland green, bearing the shape of a familiar predator, the stingray. The stingray is smart, agile, and blends well into its environment.”   He continued, “We hope that somewhere down the road the logo would be used when we can offer athletics like golf or tennis at our schools.”

Everyone enjoyed a delicious hotdog lunch thanks to chef/instructor Jack Moye.  Two cakes, one with the spirit logo and the other with the academic logo, were served to the guests. Students enjoyed music provided by DJ Matt Thompson. Everyone present received sunglasses, t-shirts, visors, and Frisbees bearing the new spirit logo and were invited to participate in “Name the Mascot” and other games.

Cindy Tanner, OTC Director of Public Relations and Information, introduced many special guests: Daniel Johnson, Toni Nelson, and Chair Phillip Cook from the OTC Board of Directors; Phil Martin, Tommy Nimmer, and Chair Larry Paulk from the OTC Foundation Board; and Representative Chad Nimmer. Other guests included Lonnie Roberts, acting president of Altamaha Technical College; Charles Eames, foundation supporter and college advocate; and John Daniels and Jennifer Lewis of h2o creativegroup.


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