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What are online courses?

An online course is one delivered over the Internet using web pages, e-mail, online discussion forums, etc. CPTC offers a selection of full-credit college courses over the Internet as a flexible alternative to traditional, on-campus classes.

Online courses cover content as their traditional counterparts on campus. Class sizes are limited so that instructors can provide the same level of personal interactions as they do in the traditional classroom. This personal interaction is accomplished using e-mail and online discussion forums.

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How do online courses work?

Students “attend” online courses by accessing the Angel Learning Management System class web site and completing assignments according to the class schedule. Students communicate regularly with the instructor and classmates via e-mail and online discussion forums.

CPTC’s online courses are not self-paced, independent study courses. Students are required to complete assignments according to the class schedule, to maintain regular contact with the instructor, and to participate in online discussions.

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What skills should I process in order to be successful in an online course?

Students taking online courses should be skillful in basic computer operations, use of email and Internet researching since the entire course will be delivered over the Internet.

Taking a course over the Internet requires the ability to work independently and to devise your own regular schedule for “attending” class and completing assignments.

Students learning online have a greater responsibility for their own success than students in traditional classroom settings. It is important that you have the self-discipline and motivation to work on a flexible schedule without getting behind. Students must be prepared to dedicate approximately 15 hours a week (for a 3 credit hour course) to their online course if they wish to be successful.

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Do I have to come to campus?

Generally, NO.  Students are required to complete the final examination on campus or proctored at a pre-approved location.  Your instructor will inform you of this and other required campus meetings in the course syllabus.

You may also make an appointment to see an on-campus instructor or drop by during his/her posted office hours. You may find it more convenient to use e-mail or telephone. We always encourage you to make an appointment with your instructor prior to your visit.

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Do I have to be online at a certain time each day (or week)?

Some instructors require students to be online during specific periods of time to complete exams of participate in group work. However, you are generally required to keep up with the class schedule and to complete assignments before specified due dates. Some classes may have several due dates each week; others may require work once per week. You can choose the time of day or night you want to log on to the Internet to work on an assignment, but you must complete it and submit it by the specified date and time.

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How do I register for an online course?

You may register for online courses through GVTC ( if you are a transient student. If you are a campus student, you should meet with your advisor.

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How much does it cost?

Online courses cost the same as traditional CPTC courses—they are priced according to the number of credit hours. Credit hours are listed in the syllabus for each online class. Financial aid may be available. Contact the Financial Aid Director in Student Affairs for more information.

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Can I “visit” an online class?

No. You may get more information about an online class by contacting the course instructor or the Director of Distance Education.

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Can I “visit” an online class?

No. You may get more information about an online class by contacting the course instructor or the Office of Distance Education.

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What if I need technical help?

If you need technical assistance accessing or logging into an online course, contact the course instructor or the Office of Distance Education.

Many technical problems have to do with the student’s particular Internet Service Provider (ISP) or with his/her own hardware or software. In most cases, students will have to contact their ISP for technical support. CPTC cannot resolve problems with your hardware, software, or Internet service.

If you experience technical difficulties with your computer, students are always welcome to come to campus and use the Student Success Center computer lab or the library to complete coursework.

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What student services and resources are available?

All student services and students resources are available to online students.  Please visit the CPTC home page about resources available to students.

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How quickly will my online instructor respond to my questions?

The course syllabus lists the online office hours for each instructor. Instructors will respond immediately during the posted office hours and otherwise within 24 hours of the sent email message.

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Telephone numbers are accessible to persons who are deaf or hard of hearing through the Georgia Relay by dialing 711 or 1-800-255-0056 from a TTY/TDD.

Los números de teléfono son accesibles a las personas que son sordos o con pérdida de la audición a través de Georgia Relay marcando 711 o 1-800-255-0056 de TTY/TDD.


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