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Emergency Protocol

Active Shooter

  • Move to safe location away from shooter
  • Remain in place or hide if moving is unsafe
  • Lock and barricade doors, block windows and close blinds
  • Turn off lights
  • Silence cell phones
  • Take cover behind dense, solid objects that might be effective in stopping bullets
  • For more tips, view the “Run. Hide. Fight.” video

Civil Disturbance

  • Call 911 and then notify CPTC Police at 912-288-7810 if activities threaten or may result in damage to college grounds or buildings
  • Give CPTC Police your name, exact location of disturbance and any information known about the disturbance
  • Remain calm
  • Alert all persons in area of the situation
  • Lock doors and windows and close blinds to prevent flying glass

Crime in Progress

  • Report crimes observed or believed to be in progress to 911 and then notify CPTC Police at 912-288-7810


  • Activate building fire alarm pull station if you discover fire or smell or see smoke
  • Immediately leave the building and, if possible, shut off equipment and quickly stabilize experiments
  • Close your door
  • Alert others
  • Assist others in evacuating if possible. Have those you cannot assist wait in areas designated “Areas of Rescue Assistance”
  • Call 911 and then notify CPTC Police at 912-288-7810
  • Stay low to the floor when escaping from a fire
  • Assemble at safe place away from danger and account for others in your office/classroom/floor
  • Have person with knowledge of situation meet with first responders

Hazardous Material Release

  • Report all spills or releases of hazardous materials observed to 911 and then notify CPTC Police at 912-288-7810
  • Give CPTC Police your name, exact location of spill or release, and source, character, amount, and extent of material spill/release if possible
  • Advise CPTC Police of any injuries associated with the incident
  • Shut windows, turn off open flames and open hoods in the area, if possible
  • Remain a safe distance from released or spilled material
  • Keep others from entering the area
  • Wait for CPTC Police and emergency responders to direct them to the area

Lightening and Thunderstorms

  • Postpone outdoor activities if a thunderstorm is audible via thunder, evident visually, likely because of current weather conditions or has been forecasted in your area
  • Secure outdoor objects that could cause damage; shutter windows and secure exterior doors
  • Watch for darkening skies, lightning and increasing winds
  • Go quickly inside a sturdy and enclosed building. If no building is close, get in a car and avoid touching metal surfaces
  • Go to the lowest area nearby and make yourself the smallest target possible if no shelter or car is available
  • Get to land and shelter immediately if on open water

Medical Emergency

  • Call 911 for emergency medical service (EMS/ambulance) if injured or encountering someone who is injured and then notify CPTC Police at 912-288-7810
  • Give CPTC Police your name, exact location and any key information regarding the injury
  • Remain with injured person until CPTC Police or EMS arrives
  • Remain calm and tell the injured person (even if they appear to be unconscious) that help is on the way

Suspicious person

  • Notice persons going door to door, office to office
  • Notice persons loitering in hallways or commons areas
  • Notice persons entering private offices unescorted
  • Notice persons offering items for sale in buildings
  • Notice persons entering secure areas
  • Notice persons asking for an unknown individual or department
  • Notice persons asking for money
  • Notice persons leaving packages
  • Notice any person who does not appear to belong in the area
  • Call 911 or CPTC Police at 912-288-7810
  • Provide authorities a description and where person(s) was last observed
  • Alert others on your floor or area
  • An easy-to-remember phrase is “See something, say something”


  • Monitor weather status
  • Move immediately to a predetermined shelter location
  • If outside, seek shelter inside the nearest building
  • Move as close to the center of the building as possible
  • Stay away from windows and doors with glass panes
  • Sit or crouch in an inner hallway, bathroom or room

Telephone numbers are accessible to persons who are deaf or hard of hearing through the Georgia Relay by dialing 711 or 1-800-255-0056 from a TTY/TDD.

Los números de teléfono son accesibles a las personas que son sordos o con pérdida de la audición a través de Georgia Relay marcando 711 o 1-800-255-0056 de TTY/TDD.


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