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Adult Education Graduates Recognized for Achievement




Brantley County GED graduates were celebrated for their accomplishments at the Brantley County Adult Education Center Tuesday, April 17, 2012, at 4 p.m., just before graduation rehearsal. Three champions for education, local community leaders Gary Strickland, Barbara Maefield, and Ruby Moody, coordinated the event with Brantley County adult education instructors Sheryl Trammell and Carol Sciscilo and instructional aide Rae Ciorciari.

Gary Strickland, chairman of the Brantley County Advisory Committee for Adult Education, welcomed graduates and guests and expressed his appreciation to Trammell, Sciscilo, and Ciorciari for their dedication to students. 

Strickland distributed drawing tickets to graduates and guests and issued prizes throughout the celebration; Barbara Maefield provided and served the cake, and Ruby Moody provided and served the punch and much of the food.

After thanking Strickland, Maefield, and Moody for their help with the event, Trammell thanked them for their service as advisory committee members and for their support year after year. “Having people here who provide this level of support demonstrates a commitment from the community to education, individuals, and better jobs,” shared Trammell.

 “I’m extremely proud of all these graduates,” Trammell continued. “They’ve worked hard, and I’m confident they will pursue other educational goals.”

The following graduates were congratulated and recognized during the celebration: Tracey Aldaba, Kristine Cline, Lindsey Drury, Brittany Flowers, James Harrison, Tamera Hiott, Sierra Mathis, Sandra Page, Ranae Paschal, and Dustin Ramey.

Also in attendance were several friends and family of graduates: Brian Hiott, Christian Hiott, Devin Teter, Kim Williams, Josh Manning, Collin Snyder, Brittany Aldaba, Kyler and Kynzi Aldaba and Dannie Roberson.

The 2012 Brantley County Adult Education Advisory Committee consists of the following Brantley County residents: Cathy Jacobs, Laura Kelley, Barbara Maefield, Ruby Moody, Gary Strickland, Greg Jacobs, and Dawn Dean. Advisory committees meet quarterly.

Photo 1

Brantley County adult education graduates were recognized recently at a reception for accomplishing a milestone in their lives.

Photo 2

Ruby Moody (L to R), Barbara Maefield, and Gary Strickland, advisory board members, were instrumental in making the event possible.

Photo 3

Photo :
Ruby Moody talks to a graduate as she helps prepare refreshments.



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