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Coastal Pines Technical College and Camden County High School Take the Lead In the Governor’s Move On When Ready Program

June 21, 2017 02:41 PM
Coastal Pines Technical College MOWR Welding Students at Camden County High School building a smoker (left to right): Austin Gay, Dawlton Hatcher, Skyler Murphy and Declan Jones.

Coastal Pines Technical College and Camden County High School Take the Lead In the Governor’s Move On When Ready Program. In April of 2015, Governor Nathan Deal signed into law SB 132, the Move On When Ready (MOWR) Act, based on recommendations from the 2014 Dual Enrollment Task Force.   The Task Force found that highly skilled technical workers are needed to fill available jobs in today’s workforce.  The MOWR Act made technical education available in high schools, removed transportation and other barriers that prevented students from participating, and streamlined how students earn course credits.  Along with SB 132, Gov. Deal also signed SB 2, which allows high school students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma while working toward an associate degree or other post-secondary award.

Since the MOWR Act was signed into law, Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC) has been working with high schools within its 13-county service delivery area to provide as many opportunities to students as possible.  All public high schools, along with several private schools, are participating and have students earning both high school and college credits for classes.  Tuition, fees and books are free to these students!

Camden County High School (CCHS) has been recognized as having more students enrolled in the MOWR program for the most recent semester than any other school in Georgia.   In the Spring 2017 term, CCHS had 457 students taking college courses through the program.  The next closest high school had 297 students. With the increase in Camden’s enrollment, CPTC hired Rebecca Croy as CPTC Recruiter for CCHS.  She is located at the high school to administer testing and placement, assist with applications and help secure financial aid.

Students at CCHS this past year had the opportunity to take Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) MOWR courses in Nurse Aide, Criminal Justice Specialist, Welding, and Prep Cook; and General Education Core courses (AP-MOWR) in English, History, Math and Computer Information Systems.   Next school year, CPTC plans to offer additional AP-MOWR courses, including two Biology courses with labs, Economics, Human Anatomy and Physiology; along with additional CTAE--MOWR programs such as Automotive, Greenhouse Management and Residential Wiring.

“The partnership we have established with Coastal Pines Technical College has been outstanding and it has been so great to work together to get the MOWR Program where it is today.  Both parties had the same vision and we worked fast and hard this year to offer every opportunity possible to all CCHS students.  We especially like that CPTC was able to credential our own teachers to teach those classes – that was the key to success,” said CCHS CTAE Director Lisa Gleason.

For credentialing and using current CCHS faculty, CPTC pays the Camden County School System for the time spent teaching the college courses.  Realizing the multiple advantages the MOWR program provides students, Principal Dr. John Tucker asked that the money received from CPTC be invested in the faculty by using it to supplement faculty members teaching MOWR courses, and to assist faculty who need to further their education in order to meet the college-level instructor qualifications.  As this process continues, it will create a workforce pipeline that will develop and sustain a well-qualified secondary and postsecondary faculty for years to come.

MOWR is providing a direct path for students to be successful.  Many students have completed their Technical Certificate, Diploma or Degree before, or when, graduating from high school and are prepared to enter the workforce as a highly skilled technician.  Others are continuing their education at a CPTC campus, or another educational institution, to earn additional certifications, diplomas or degrees.  Students earning their associate degree through this program only have two years of college left to attain their bachelor’s degree. 

Not only is this a win-win for the students and their families in saving time and expense, it is a win-win for the community.  CPTC is working within each community to identify the workforce needs and provide the programs to help meet those needs.  A highly skilled workforce is available to fill those positions that had no qualified applicants previously.

Another positive for students is that once enrolled at CPTC through MOWR, they remain a student at CPTC.  After graduation from high school, students need only to complete the Financial Aid process and register for the next semester at CPTC.   

Rachel Baldwin, co-chair for the High Schools That Work Steering Committee, appreciates the confidence the students gain after applying, taking admissions testing and completing the college courses.  “For many, the process is so intimidating they give up and never complete it.  After taking these courses, they realize they can do it.  It empowers them to accomplish more,” said Baldwin.

For more information about CPTC’s Move On When Ready program at Camden County High School, please contact Rebecca Croy, CPTC High School Recruiter at CCHS, at 912-282-9036.


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